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Edwards Law Firm PLLC, is a law firm based in Houston, Texas.

The firm was founded by partners George Edwards III and Murtaza Sutarwalla who are childhood friends, each with their own law practices. George and Murtaza made the decision to merge their respective practices in order to offer a wider array of services to better serve their existing and future clients. We are a boutique business law firm focusing on Litigation and Business and Corporate Law. Made up of four attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced, Edwards Law Firm PLLC prides itself on providing legal services at a competitive rate.

Respected SpokespersonYou can expect a respected spokesperson for your business, attorneys who understand your business and litigation needs, professionals who can candidly evaluate your existing needs, and attorneys with proven courtroom skills.

The foundation of our law practice is built on the principles of ethics, honesty, diligence and loyalty. We are intimately involved with all aspects of our clients’ businesses and understand that our success depends on the success of our clients. We are passionate about our work and are dedicating to helping you in doing what you do best. No matter what your issues are, our practice areas have got you covered and we will work hard to tackle them head on and bring you timely and efficient results.

First Chair Attorneys

What To Expect

  • Attorneys who can first-chair trials in federal, district, county, and justice of the peace courts all over Texas.
  • Attorneys who can first-chair trials under the Construction Industry Rules of the American Arbitration Association.
  • Professionals who will advise executives and clients on contract status, legal risks and business terms of various deals.
  • Professionals who will analyze the probable outcomes of cases, using knowledge of legal precedents.
  • Attorneys who will examine legal data to determine the advisability of defending or prosecuting a potential lawsuit.
  • Attorneys who will advise a business on all phases of its life-cycle (development, startup, growth, expansion and maturity / exit).

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