Four Types of Estate Planning Everybody Needs

Estate planning sounds like something only old people do, right? It isn’t. Estate planning gives you peace of mind at any age. There’s a satisfaction in knowing you are prepared for the next chapter of life. Here are the four types of estate planning everybody needs.

  1. WILLS
  2. Letting your final wishes be known is important. Without any real direction, miscommunication commonly creates tension. Avoid this by taking your estate planning seriously. Get an attorney to make sure it’s all legally binding.

  4. Power of attorney gives someone you have appointed the right to make financial decisions for you. This person is responsible for managing and paying bills amongst other duties.
    Durable power of attorney does not make health related decisions.

  6. It’s important to choose someone who will carry out your last wishes. This could include termination of life support so make sure it’s someone who is aware and can withstand the decisions. While estate planning, remember there is a difference between a durable and a medical power of attorney. It can be the same person but will have to be recognized separately.


Part of estate planning is deciding how you want things to be at the end of your life. These are important documents that legally record if you want to be resuscitated in an emergency, if you want hospice care and if you will donate your organs or tissue to name a few.

You don’t have to muddle through the ins and outs of estate planning. Make it easy by calling E.S Law Partners at 888-757-6660. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you with any of your estate planning needs.

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