What is a Premises Liability Lawyer- And Do I Need One?

A premises liability lawyer can help clients in a variety of tricky situations. However, many clients don’t even know that these attorneys exist! So what exactly is a premises liability lawyer, and who should hire one? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Premises Liability?

We’re all familiar with personal injuries- and also personal injury lawsuits. Premises liability can be a factor in some of these cases. It refers to an injury that’s caused due to unsafe conditions on a person’s (or business’s) property. If a person gets injured due to property that is unsafe, defective, or not up to code, then the property owner may be responsible for damages.

Who Needs a Premises Liability Lawyer?

Of course, there are countless types of properties- and countless types of injuries that can happen on these properties. This means that premises liability covers a huge range of issues. Common examples include dog bites, toxic fumes, swimming pool accidents, and water leaks. A lawyer might also be needed for injuries due to lack of maintenance or safety measures, like slip and fall accidents, ice or snow accidents, or problems related to lack of building security.

Is the Property Owner Responsible?

A reasonable amount of risk is assumed in many situations. This then means that property owners are not responsible for problems that were beyond their control. Different states and cities all have unique property laws. Plus, rights vary for different types of visitors. Were you an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser? These details can make a big difference in a lawsuit.

Talk to a Lawyer

Only a premises liability lawyer can tell you if you have a case in this area. These attorneys will listen to your unique situation and then help you decide the best way to seek justice. Take the first step by booking a legal consultation.

Where to Get More Information

Of course, there are many different types of legal issues, and just as many different types of attorneys to handle them. Not sure where to start? Call Edwards Law Firm. We’ll listen to your problems, give you advice, and also let you know the best steps forward.



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